AR-15 Lower Receiver - $99.99

No paperwork, no red tape... make your rifle at home! 100% BATF legal. SAVE YOUR SHOOTING BUDGET! Build your own rifle, in your own home, with your own tools. No forms, no permits, no hoops to jump through. And plenty of opportunity to grow your knowledge and understand your next rifle at its deepest level. You can do it!Own an AR-15 variant rifle you built yourself... starting with this 80% Lower!This Lower Receiver is NOT complete, and definitely not ready to use. In it's current condition, "special tooling and skills" are still required to turn this product into a working Lower Receiver. Therefore, it is NOT a gun and can be transferred as a non-firearm without special restrictions. Shipped to your door in the same way as any other gun part. Top quality... starts as 7075-T6 forgings from a lead forge in the U.S. Made to mil-spec tolerances for broad compatibility with other AR-15 style components Requires advanced machining, equipment and skills to finish Fully BATF legal to ship... you finish this Lower in the privacy of your own home.Don't wait for another chance! Pick up an 80% Lower and start your project today! Spec Chart: Item number: 591229 Condition: Factory new, 80% finished Manufacturer: Anderson Rifles Country of Origin: U.S.A. - $99.99


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