Aquatic Nutrition Yellowtail Up Chum - $16.99

When mixed with the included fish milk, scent liquid, and some seawater, Aquatic Nutrition Yellowtail Up Chum carries small particles towards the bottom, bringing fish closer to the surface. Billions of microscopic natural particles cloud the water, making it harder for the fish to see the hook while disseminating a scent that is difficult for fish to resist. This convenient, shelf stable, non-frozen product is based on time-tested commercial formulas. Utilizes rolled oats coupled with shrimp, squid, fish, and baitfish oils. Made in USA.Eliminates the hassles of frozen chum. Shelf stable. Convenient. Disseminates a scent fish find hard to resist. Includes fish milk & scent liquid. Hang included chum bag over side of boat or dock7 lbs. - $16.99