Aquatic Nutrition Super Shrimps Chum Pellets - $11.19

Reef fish love shrimp, and Aquatic Nutrition Super Shrimps! Chum Pellets are made with over 90% whole shrimp combined with fish, squid, shellfish bits and baitfish oil. Pellets are designed to slowly dissolve, emitting an irresistible trail of scent bits. Bottom fish of all types follow this trail to its source. Ideal for snapper, hogfish, grouper, striped bass, and yellow tail, attracting baitfish and all kinds of other fish that love to dine on shrimp. Because this product is compact and dry, one pound of Super Shrimps is equal to over 7 pounds of fresh shrimp. Pellets require no refrigeration, so spoilage is eliminated. Includes a disposable chum bag.Made with over 90% whole shrimp. Dissolve slowly in water. Creates a chum trail. No refrigeration required. Includes a disposable chum bag - $11.19