Aquatic Nutrition Chum Drop - $16.99

A proven technique for all types of bottom fish involves using chum and chum balls. Aquatic Nutrition's Chum Drop is a premixed formula that incorporates ingredients such as steamed rolled oats, fish, shrimp, squid, clam, crab, and baitfish oils combined with special ingredients to keep the ball together as it drops to the bottom, while emitting a cloud of scent. Resting on the bottom, it slowly breaks apart, releasing small floating bits that rise and drift down current, attracting schools of hungry fish. It requires no refrigeration.Fishing with this Aquatic Nutrition product attracts smaller fish that tear into the offering. Snapper move in and bully away the smaller fish. That's why this product has been used extensively in snapper fishing and grouper fishing. Also works wellfor baiting hooks.Manufacturer model #: BPSCHUMDROP.Premixed ball mix. Emits a scent cloud as it drops to the bottom. Dry, premixed kitinch. Turns oninch the bite - $16.99