Aquatic Nutrition Chum Cloud - $16.99

Chum Cloud from Aquatic Nutrition is a blended menhaden oil designed to sink in the water column and disperse, creating a cloud of baitfish scent. Drip Chum Cloud over the side of your boat, soak trolling baits to increase bites, and mix with your favorite ingredients to make a custom chum recipe. Excellent for king mackerel, cobia, snapper, and grouper. Dilute with water. Requires no refrigeration. So concentrated, 1/8th of a teaspoon, dispersed, yields a cloud over 2' long containing billions of tiny scent droplets. 32 oz.Blended menhaden oil. Sinks in water column and disperses. Creates a cloud of baitfish scent. Requires no refrigeration. Concentrated formula - $16.99