American Hunter Portable Bag Feeder with Timer Kit - $39.99

Portable Bag Feeder with Timer Kit. A simple, compact way to feed deer in your woods. The easy and convenient way for managing and improving the size of bucks and does on your land. This Portable Bag Feeder is incredibly lightweight, and collapses down to 10"h. for compact portability. It fits easily on the rack of your ATV or in the bed of your pickup with no ratchet straps or tie-downs necessary. It's easy to set up, too. Simply attach the 2 heavy-duty nylon straps to a tree limb, fill the 11.2 gallon feeder, and it's ready to go. A 6V battery powers the timer and spreads feed up to 20'. It's that simple.Features:Heavy-duty nylon construction for years or durable use 11.2 gallon capacity Centrifugal spin force opens 4 hinged doors and spreads feed up to 20 ft. Adjustable feed rate of 1 to 30 seconds Feeds 1 to 16 times a day Can be programmed to feed on different days of the week Collapses down to less than 10"h. for compact portability Can be hung from a tree or pole with two heavy-duty nylon straps Runs on a 6V 4.5Ah SLA battery (not included). - $39.99