Airflo PolyLeader 5' Light Trout - $8.99

A polyleader is a fly-fishing leader system that consists of a monofilament core with a tapered, polymer coating in varying densities for a variety of fly presentations. Tapering the leader stores the energy from the fly line on the forward cast and then dissipates that energy smoothly as the cast unrolls and straightens before it settles on the waters surface. Using a loop-to-loop connection, loop the butt of the polyleader to the loop on the tip of your fly line. Add tippet to the mono loop at the tip of the leader, tie on your fly and your ready to go. The smooth, tapered end of this trout-specific version gives easy turnover of dries, nymphs and streamers, and opens up the possibility for many new techniques. Rated for 2 to 5-lb. line. Per each. Available: Floating, Hover, Intermediate, Slow Sink, Fast Sink, Super-Fast Sink, Extra- Super-Fast Sink. Type: Freshwater Leaders. - $8.99


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