Aftco Taper-Tip Aluminum Gaffs Fish Tailer - Stainless Steel (2 GAP) - $69.99

Taper-Tip Aluminum Gaffs The slim, tapered shape of these gaffs shafts are gold anodized for corrosion resistance. Non-slip grips help you make a sure grab every time. Black vinyl butt caps seal out corrosive moisture and prevent deck scarring. Hooks are stainless steel with easy-to-sharpen triangular points and tapered to provide easier gaffing, making them fast in the water and easier to maneuver. Swaged design of the shafts form thicker walls where tube diameter is small and thinner walls where tube diameter is large. This provides uniform strength from end to end without extra weight. Fish Tailer Provide safer, cleaner control of boated fish with this easy-to-use tailer. Helps you bring a boated fish under control quickly and safely, is ideal for holding fish while you measure them for legal size, and can be a big help in lifting fish as heavy as 100 pounds into the boat. The Tailer is more effective and causes less injury than a lip gaff on fish that are to be released. The Tailer slips easily over the tail of a fish, and with a quick upward pull, closes instantly and snugly. The wide tail loop is made of springy stainless steel aircraft cable for years of dependable service. Cable that closes around the tail is plastic coated to protect fish. A swivel built into the cable allows you to control fish that roll and twist. Four foot, anodized aluminum shaft resists corrosion. Two foam grips. Handle: 4'. Size: 2 GAP. Color: Stainless Steel. Type: Gaffs. - $69.99


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