Adventure Medical Kits SOL Survival Medic Kit - $14.99

Be ready when Mother Nature puts you in a bind with the Adventure Medical Kits SOL Survival Medic Kit. Combining survival and first aid basics in an ultralight waterproof pouch small enough to fit just about anywhere, this kit makes it easy to keep survival, medical, and gear repair supplies close at hand. A smart choice for hunters, campers, and other outdoors adventurers, this kit contains a heat-reflecting blanket, Fire Lite fire starter, Tinder-Quik waterproof tinder to survive the cold and elements. Antiseptic wipes, gauze, bandages for patching up cuts and scrapes and medications to treat pain, inflammation, and common allergies help you manage minor injuries, illnesses, and pain.Kit also includes a 100 d. B Slim Rescue Howler whistle, duct tape, and button compass to keep your bearings and signal others when needed. Contained in a lightweight and waterproof Dry. Flex Medic pouch, this pocket-sized kit helps you stay ready while enjoying the outdoors. Dimensions: 6inch x 5.5inch x 1inch. Weight: 4 oz.Manufacturer model #: 0140-1747.Survival and first aid basics in a pocket-sized kits. Great choice for hunters, campers, and others. Contains blanket, fire starter, waterproof tinder, whistle, compass, duct-tape, and first aid supplies. Comes with lightweight, waterproof pouch. Weight: 4 oz. - $14.99


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