A-Zoom Aluminum Snap Caps and Training Rounds - $11.99

Snap Caps are a safe and effective way of relieving the tension on your gun's firing pin. The CNC-machined construction precisely matches the dimensions of live rounds, and the specially designed Dead Cap lasts 20 times longer than brass caps. The non-corrosive, anodized aluminum finish features excellent oil retention and withstands repeated cyclings in lever action or semiautomatic firearms. A great way to practice trigger pull.See chart below for available calibers. Training Rounds(not shown) are designed to teach safe firearms handling. They are not snap caps. They may be worked through the actions of any rimfire firearm for function and testing. Dry firing with these training rounds in the chamber will not damage the firing pin. Impact damage will limit their usefulness to four or five firing pin strikes. Available calibers: .17 HMR, .22 LR, .22 WMR. Type: Snap Caps. - $11.99


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