8 inch Birchwood Casey Shoot - N - C Self - Adhesive Sight - In Targets - $4.99

Birchwood Casey Shoot - N - C Self - Adhesive Sight - In Targets. Stick it! Hit it! See it clearly every time! Revolutionary Targets reveal each bullet hit with a brightly-colored ring! Upon impact, the targets explode in color visible to the naked eye from distance, letting you blast away without having to take a long walk or a long look through a spotting scope after every shot.Simply the easiest way possible of sighting in. They feature 5 targets on each sheet... use the center target for sighting in, and the 4 smaller targets for testing the results. Convenient 1" numbered grid lines simplify scope adjustments, too. Get yours here and get honed in for the season!Have a blast:Instant feedback no need to walk down range or use spotters to see your shot Maximum visibility chartreuse on black is easy to see Perfect for all firearms and calibers Great for indoor or outdoor use and low-light conditions Self-adhesive backing lets you set up with easeEach Target includes pasters that let you patch the Target up, extending its life. Model No.: SI-6Target Size(s): 8"Target Qty.: 6Order ONLINE Today! - $4.99


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