50-Pk. of Hornady .308 Caliber 140-grain MonoFlex Bullets - $39.99

50-Pk. of Hornady .308 140-grain MonoFlex Bullets. Deep penetration, high weight retention and unbeatable power! Take your best shot! You'll love the performance and stopping power of these Hornady .308 140-grain MonoFlex Bullets. By combining the GMX bullet with Flex Tip technology, you're able to load pointed bullets into your tubular magazine without the danger of igniting primers under recoil. Upon impact the Flex Tip design opens up and offers immediate expansion while retaining 95% of the bullet's original weight. Features:Streamlined design for ultra-flat trajectories Devastating terminal performance across a wide range of velocities 140-grain weight 50 bullets per box. - $39.99