5-Pk. Battle AXE Broadheads - $39.99

5-Pk. of Battle AXE Broadheads fly right, then cut 'em down. Bowhunting sure-shots! These Broadheads are field-tested and proven to deploy 100% of the time regardless of shot angle. So when you're hunting from the tree stand, you'll inflict a devastating 2" diam. cut with no worries about deflection! And forward momentum keeps the blades closed in-flight since the center of gravity is beyond the center of the ferrule.Lethal weapon:100-grain expandable 9/16" steel cut-on-impact tip .032 curved surgical stainless steel blades 7075 aluminum ferrule Blades deploy after initial penetration of the front 3/4 of the Broadhead.Next time you hunt, bring your Battle AXE. - $39.99


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