4-Pk. Infinity LED Ultra 61 Light Bulbs - $49.99

4-Pk. Infinity LED Ultra 61 Light Bulbs, save cash AND energy! PRICED LESS!Tired of replacing burned-out light bulbs? Infinity LED Bulbs last up to 25 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs! The secret is in the lighting element. Rather than using an old-fashioned filament, Infinity Bulbs produce light from 108 energy-efficient, maintenance-free LEDs. Not only does it produce the same light as a standard bulb, but it does so with a fraction of the energy consumption!Bright idea:Each lasts up to 50,000 hrs. of operational life Up to 350 lumens of output with just 5 watts of power consumption Replaces standard E26 and E27 (120V AC) bulbs Use anywhere you'd use a standard incandescent or compact fluorescent bulb Available in warm and cool light profiles. Green-friendly lighting with friendly BIG BUCKS OFF savings! - $49.99


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