350-Pk. of Hornady .38 Caliber .358 inch 140-grain Cowboy Bullets - $34.99

350-Pk. of Hornady .38 Caliber .358" 140-grain Cowboy Bullets. Pre-lubricated for uniformity and balance. Great for target practice and plinking! Built to SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) specifications! These Hornady .38 Caliber .358" 140-grain Cowboy Bullets are pre-lubricated and cold-swaged for total uniformity and balance. Designed with Hornady's knurling system to help retain lubricant over the entire bearing and reduce leading in your barrel. Perfect for target practice and plinking! Features:Pre-lubricated and cold-swagged for uniformity and balance Knurling system helps reduce leading in your barrel Built to Single Action Shooting Society's specifications Ballistic coefficient: 0.127 Sectional density: 0.157 140-grain weight 350 bullets per box. - $34.99


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