3-lbs of Lyman Turbo Tufnut Media - $9.99

Lyman Turbo Tufnut Media makes polishing your brass quick and easy! Designed for use in your Lyman Tumbler. When you need to polish heavily fouled cases reach for this Lyman Tufnut Media. It's made from rogue bearing nutshell and specially treated to make any tarnished cases look brand new. A few hours in a tumbler and your cases are clean, polished, and ready for reloading. Includes 3 lbs. of Tufnut Media. Features:Effectively cleans dirty and tarnished cases Specially treated with Lyman's polishing compound Media will last up to 15 uses depending on how dirty your cases are Designed for use in Lyman tumblers Includes 3 lbs. of Tufnut Media. - $9.99