20 rounds of Liberty .380 Auto 50 Grain HP Ammo - $22.49

20 rounds of Liberty .380 Auto 50 Grain HP Ammo packs a punch with 1,500 F.P.S.! Great monolithic fragmenting personal defense round. Stop the threat with this Liberty .380 Auto 50 Grain HP Ammo. Smooth feeding and straight shooting. Liberty Ammunition is known for their long history of quality assurance and exacting standards. It's ammo with consistent and dependable performance you can rely on. Last line of defense, known as a Personal Defense round.Features: 50 grain weightHollow point bullet1,500 F.P.S.250 ft.-lbs. Brass casedBoxer primedNon-corrosiveReloadable20 rounds per box Nickel plated.2X the Velocity3X the terminal effectLess felt recoil1/2 the weight of traditional roundsUSA made!!! Limited Quantities !!! - $22.49