20-Pk. Barnes .357 Mag. 125-grain TAC-XP Pistol Reloading Bullets - $29.99

20-Pk. Barnes .357 Mag. 125-grain TAC-XPTM Pistol Reloading Bullets. The ultimate training and personal defense load. Designed for law enforcement and personal defense, 100% copper TAC-XPTM Pistol Bullets meet the requirements of lead-free practice environments. They maintain their original weight and track straight after being fired through intermediate barriers like car doors, plywood and automobile windshield glass.Specs:Caliber: .357 Mag. Bullet diameter: .355" Bullet weight: 125 grains Bullet length: .724" Bullet style: TAC-XPSectional density: .140 Ballistic coefficient: .160. - $29.99