100-Pk. of Hornady 9mm .355 inch 115 Grain HP XTP Bullets - $19.99

100-Pk. of Hornady 9mm .355" 115 Grain HP XTP Bullets. Perfect for hunting and competition shooting! You'll love the stopping power, accuracy and performance of these Hornady 9mm .355" 115 Grain HP XTP Bullets. Upon impact they expand up to 1.5x their original diameter and offer deep, terminal penetration. Plus, they're constructed with a heavier jacket and swaged core that stands up to high velocities and ensures balanced expansion as well as in-flight stability.Features:Expand up to 1.5x original diameter Swagged core ensures balanced expansion and in-flight stability Gilding metal jacket protects the nose of the bullet and ensures proper feeding Cannelure helps achieve accurate, consistent crimping 115 Grain weight 100 bullets per box.Stock up today! - $19.99