100-Pk. of Hornady .338 225 Grain SST Bullets - $44.99

100-Pk. of Hornady .338 225 Grain SST Bullets. Rapid, controlled expansion with deep penetration! Down big game with ease! Short for "Super Shock Tip," these Hornady .338 Caliber 225 Grain SST Bullets are designed to deliver tremendous shock on impact while expanding quickly and reliably. They're flat shooting and deadly accurate. Plus, the heavy construction with InterLock technology delivers deep penetration every time. Perfect for whitetails and other big game.Features:Polymer tip increases ballistic coefficient and initiates controlled expansion Secant give profile increase speed, ballistic efficiency and downrange energy InterLock ring ensures the core and jacket remain intact during expansion 225 Grain weight 100 bullets per box. Pull the trigger! - $44.99


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