100-Pk. of Hornady .30 Caliber .309 inch 90-grain HP XTP Bullets - $19.99

100-Pk. of Hornady .30 Caliber .309" 90-grain HP XTP Bullets. Perfect for hunting and competition shooting! You'll love the stopping power, accuracy and performance of these Hornady .30 Caliber .309" 90-grain HP XTP Bullets. Upon impact they expand up to 1.5x their original diameter and offer deep, terminal penetration. Plus, they're constructed with a heavier jacket and swaged core that stands up to high velocities and ensures balanced expansion as well as in-flight stability.Features:Expand up to 1.5x original diameter Swagged core ensures balanced expansion and in-flight stability Gilding metal jacket protects the nose of the bullet and ensures proper feeding Cannelure helps achieve accurate, consistent crimping 90-grain weight 100 bullets per box.Stock up today! - $19.99


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