ZOOT Z Force 3.0 Women's WetZoot - $324.95

Let's face it, speed in the water is a commonly overlooked facet of race-day. However, while most are merely concerned of getting it over with and onto the bike, with the proper wetsuit, you'll not only excel in the water, but you'll save energy as well. Enter the domain of Zoot. With its Z Force 3.0 Women's WetZoot, Zoot incorporates a majority of the hydrodynamic and buoyancy features of the Prophet, only at around half of the price. In order to precisely blend buoyancy with flexibility, Zoot placed different thicknesses of Yamamoto C39 neoprene throughout the Z Force 3.0. Accordingly, the front body is comprised of a 4.0mm layer of this neoprene. Why C39' Because it's the industry-leader in pairing stretch with buoyancy, and it has the second highest cell density of any neoprene on the market. This plays directly to what Zoot calls its AQUAlift system. Essentially the goal of this design is to provide lift to the torso and legs, and this is why the front of the body's thickness resides just one millimeter shy of the IFR maximum allowance. So, with a 3mm back and a 5mm seat panel, the suit opens up your body for the perfect stroke position in the water. However, you might be wondering why this lift is of importance' Well, just as sleek shapes minimize your drag coefficient on land, the wetsuit's level of buoyancy is the minimizing variable in the water. The supporting science behind this claim is fairly elementary -- water is around 1000 times denser than air, and it produces a potential drag coefficient 10 times that of air, as well. So, minimizing your body's submergence is vital to optimizing hydrodynamics. Furthering your speed in the water are two variables -- your ability to move and the efficiency of those movements. As you probably guessed, the aforementioned are both interconnected. So, Zoot decreased the neoprene's thickness at the arms. As a result, the upper and under sleeves feature a 2mm Yamamoto C39 composition. - $324.95