ZOOT Z Force 1.0 Men's WetZoot - $199.95

Cycling by itself is expensive, add into the mix two more sports and the ol' bank account is going to take a hit. Luckily, Zoot created a wetsuit with top-tier features that'll benefit both the experienced and novice swimmer alike. And, not surprisingly, Zoot did this at an incredible value with the Z Force 1.0 WetZoot. The Z Force 1.0's neoprene construction features Zoot's buoyancy-enhancing Aqualift system. Essentialy, this addition raises your legs and torso into a higher position in the water, resulting in maximum open-water efficiency. Just as importantly, the added buoyancy also minimizes your hydrodynamic drag profile, which increases both your power and speed. Adding to this principle is Zoot's Optimal Kick Design, which puts more power into kick. Zoot's leg patterning, called Optimal Kick Design, or OKD, lets the wetsuit work with your anatomy rather than fight or restrict it. OKD allows increases kick velocity, making for a faster frequency with heightened efficiency. This not only enhances swim stage times, but it cuts down on fatigue heading into T1. Finishing off the Z Force 1.0's tri-specific features is Zoot's DORSALflex zipper that provides a calculated stretch for improved lung expansion, along with a less restrictive fit. Additionally, the zipper strap has been elongated, making for an accelerated transition out of the water. The Zoot Z Force 1.0 WetZoot is available in six sizes from X-Small to XX-Large and in the color Black. - $199.95