ZOOT Ultra Tri Men's Tank - $89.95

If you're racing triathlons in frigid weather, we feel sorry for you. But, if you're racing in hot conditions like the rest of us, the Zoot Tri Tank will make your life easier. Yes, we said that a jersey will make your life easier. In fact, Zoot designed the Ultra Tri Tank to account for all of the variables of triathlon. So, it features a compressive fit, skin-cooling technology, and a fit that lends itself to all three disciplines. Starting with the bulk of the Ultra Tri Tanks's construction, Zoot used its venerable ULTRApowertek with Coldblack fabric. We'll break this title down into two categories, given that ULTRApowertek is the fabric and that Coldblack is the treatment. So, starting with the former, this material was implemented for its supportive knit structure. Featuring a compressive fiber weight and structured knit, ULTRApowertek is supports the muscle groups without a feeling a constriction. Accordingly, by lessening the fatigue-inducing effects of road vibration and run impact, you're able to retain a higher threshold throughout the land legs of your race. Additionally, this fabric is highly breathable and it also efficiently manages moisture. However, with the Coldblack treatment, this is less of a necessity than with a 'traditional' spandex composition. This is because Coldblack technology deflects the sun's rays with more efficiency then that of light-colored fabrics. As a result, Coldblack retains a fabric temperature that's nine-degrees cooler than traditional fabrics. So, you remain cooler over the course of the race, equating to a lower core temperature no matter how hot it is. Moving on to the other panels of the Ultra, it becomes clear that Zoot thought of everything. You'll find that it installed ULTRAcarbon anti-friction panels at high points of abrasion. Why carbon' Well, because it possesses natural anti-static properties. - $89.95