ZOOT Performance Tri Team Men's Racesuit - $149.95

Race day calls for race gear, and in the world of Zoot, this equates to the Performance Tri Team Racesuit. It's easy to see why. With Italian fabrics, an anatomic race cut, and a fit that's nearly unparalleled, the Performance Team Racesuit is your ticket to comfort and speed over every leg of the race. For the Racesuit's construction, Zoot incorporated a sublimated and Italian-sourced fabric with a 200g blend of polyester and spandex. And at the inset, the Racesuit features a heavier, 207g blend of nylon and spandex. However, you're probably wondering where it ranks in comparison to the standard Performance Tri's Endura materials' Well, you'll find that the Team's fabrics place more of a focus on moisture management, comfort, and breathability than the supportive focus of the former. As a result, the Team's construction is slightly more flexible and far more effective at transferring moisture away from the skin. This means that your range of motion is narrowly increased, and your level of dry, cooling comfort is heightened. However, it's important to note that the Team Racesuit is still quite supportive. In fact, Zoot installed its BIOwrap spot gripper band at the leg cuffs to be sure of this. This material features a 240 denier spandex composition, meaning that it's quite strong at the fiber level, but still highly stretchable. As a result, the muscles surrounding the band are supported, and just as importantly, so is the fit. And in terms of fit, these Racesuit is cut, strictly, with racing in mind. To achieve this, Zoot incorporated a one-piece construction that's akin to a sleeveless skinsuit. However, the arm holes are formed in the fashion of Zoot's Tank jerseys, with the hem being inset towards the chest. This allows a complete range of motion for both the swim and the run, while still providing an anatomic coverage that won't bunch or pinch within the TT position. - $149.95