ZOOT Performance Tri Tank Men's Jersey - $69.95

Some things are popular for a reason, and in the case of the Zoot Performance Tri Tank Jersey, popularity is achieved through balance. Essentially, Zoot struck the ideal balance between comfort, quality, and style. For the construction of the Tri Tank jersey, Zoot used a blend of its Endura and Ventilator Mesh fabrics. Starting with the former, Endura is classified as a 200g Xtra Life Lycra, meaning that it provides an assuring level of support to the muscle groups. However, given the material's four-way stretch, this support doesn't come at the cost of impeding your lungs' ability to expand. As a result, pulmonary functions remain uninhibited, while your muscles are protected from the fatigue-inducing muscle oscillation that occurs as a result of road vibration and foot impact. And, in addition to the aforementioned, the material is highly-breathable and quite effective at managing moisture. So, you'll remain cool and dry throughout your two land legs of the race. Furthering this characteristic, Zoot placed its Ventilator Mesh at strategically placed panels on the back. In fact, these panels run just over the scapula and run to the bottom hem. This way, the jersey utilizes a natural point of excess heat evacuation, keeping the internal temperature of the jersey consistently cool. In terms of fit, you'll find that the Performance Tri Tank is well suited for both the saddle and the run. It doesn't feature the same level of seam contouring that's found in a pure cycling jersey, but the elongated rear hem makes up for this. So, you gain the coverage necessary for the cycling position, while still maintaining the close, non-shifting fit required for running. Additionally, Zoot constructed the jersey using its proprietary SeamLink stitching. With this technique, the stitch profile is lowered, creating a next-to-skin fit that's free from chafing. And securing this fit, the Tri Tank includes a 10 inch front zipper and a light elastic bottom hem. - $69.95