ZOOT Performance CompressrX Top - Long-Sleeve - Men's - $34.98

The term 'compression' is thrown around rather loosely within this industry, but there are a handful of true compression-driven designers out there, with one of the foremost being Zoot. Accordingly, you'll find that pieces like the Performance CompressrX Long-Sleeve Top uses compression that specifically targets the muscle groups used in endurance exercise. Zoot's graduated compression ideology separates each group, or zone, of compression to stabilize the back and core areas. Effectively, this improves blood flow to the heart by accelerating circulation. These core principles encompass what Zoot calls its CRx designs. Maximizing circulation is vital to both long, top-output exertions and recovery. But, the field of muscle support is just as vital. Over a run or ride, muscles are constantly under assault from detrimental effects of road and impact vibrations. Over time, this variable causes major muscle fatigue. So, to minimize this effect, EnduraRx spandex and anatomic panels comfortably wrap your muscles and prevent them from countering vibration and aiding in the pinnacle of compression assistance. Ultimately, these materials and ideology equate to comfort, which is only further accentuated by the CompressrX's soft-to-touch nylon face and SeamLink stitch construction. The ZOOT Performance CompressrX Long-Sleeve Top is available in the color Black and in six sizes from X-Small to X-Large. - $34.98