ZOOT Active Tri 8in Women's Shorts - $54.95

As you know, triathlon apparel operates on a delicate system of balances. Comfort cannot come at the expense of speed, and speed cannot come at the expense of comfort. Unfortunately, most tri shorts' designs are unbalanced, resulting in poor results, or even worse, painful irritation. However, Zoot's Active Tri 8in Women's Shorts finally strike the necessary balance, delivering exactly what triathlon calls for and nothing less. Zoot incorporated two different fabrics for the construction of the Active Tri shorts. And while both of these materials work harmoniously towards the same objective, we're not hesitant to say that Zoot's BIOwrap provides the most pronounced results. Zoot's BIOwrap is oriented at the hem, and it features a 240 denier spandex composition. Accordingly, its fiber weight and resulting knit structure create a highly-compressive level of support, shielding your muscles from the oscillation resulting from both road vibration and run impact. This means that the fabric's hold lessens muscle fatigue, thus extending your muscle endurance and bolstering your threshold. Additionally, this design eliminates the need for leg grippers, thoroughly increasing your comfort level over the course of a triathlon. The shorts' other panels consist of the venerable Endura fabric. This material was incorporated in order to assist in moisture management. Accordingly, it's been strategically placed in the shorts to pull moisture away from the skin and transport it to the quick-drying surface of the material. Additionally, Zoot placed this at the legs for its high levels of stretch and breathability. So, you maintain a complete freedom of movement, while also maintaining a consistently cool temperature within the shorts. In terms of fit, these shorts are cut with racing in mind. To achieve this, Zoot incorporated an eight-inch inseam and its proprietary stitching, SeamLink. - $54.95