Zoom Super Fluke - White - $3.99

The pronounced belly and split tail of this soft jerkbait add a realistic look that bass just cant resist. It darts and pauses like an injured minnow. Per 10. Size: 5. Colors: (020)Pearl, (038)Bubblegum, (046)Arkansas Shiner, (054)Watermelon Red, (092)Smokey Shad, (153)Albino Shad, (181)Watermelon Seed, (185)White Ice, (200)Blue Glimmer, (283)Watermelon Magic, (284)Green Pumpkin Magic, (304)Watermelon Red Magic, (307)Disco Green, (351)Baby Bass, (542)Green Pumpkin. Color: White. Type: Jerk Baits. - $3.99