Zoom Lil' Critter Craw - Black/Blue - $3.69

This lifelike crawdad bait is super-soft for realistic movement and texture. Even the smallest current or twitch of the line will set its multiple appendages in motion for added realism. The plastic is impregnated with salt to deliver flavor that makes bass hang on for that extra split-second you need to set the hook. Flip it, pitch it, drag it on the bottom. Rig it Carolina or Texas style. Its a versatile life-sized lure that puts bass in the boat. Per 12. Size: 3. Colors: (015)Pumpkin/Chartreuse Craw, (019)Watermelon Seed, (025)Green Pumpkin, (051)Watermelon Chartreuse, (054)Watermelon Red, (128)Black/Blue Craw. Color: Black/Blue. Type: Craws. - $3.69