Zoom Brush Hog - Amber - $4.99

With its 6 size and wing-like features, this deadly soft plastic falls slowly in the strike zone. The double tail emits a vibration that entices fish, even in murky water. Each is salt-impregnated for extra bite-holding power. Its often used on a Texas or Carolina rig. Per 8. Size: 6. Colors: (001)Amber Black, (009)Watermelon Seed (022)Pumpkin, (062)Black/Red Swirl, (100)Black Sapphire, (120)Watermelon Candy, (202)Junebug, (283)Watermelon Magic, (284)Green Pumpkin Magic, (304)Watermelon Red Magic, (542)Green Pumpkin, (996)Watermelon/Red Flake. Color: Amber. Type: Grubs. - $4.99