Zoom Baby Brush Hog - Natural - $4.49

The Baby Brush Hog is a killer bait for flippin and pitchin especially in thick cover. This smaller version of the original Brush Hog features the same arm and leg action but in smaller profile. Soft and salty plastic gives a natural texture and flavor. Per 12. Length: 4. Colors: (003)Root Beer/Pepper/Green, (004)Watermelon Gold, (007)Junebug, (010)Watermelon/Purple Glitter, (011)Watermelon Red, (012)Watermelon Seed, (022)Pumpkin, (062)Black/Red Glitter, (100)Black Sapphire, (120)Watermelon Candy, (202)Pumpkin Green Red/Red, (281)Watermelon Candy, (283)Watermelon Magic, (284)Green Pumpkin Magic, (303)Green Pumpkin Gold, (304)Watermelon Red Magic, (317)Sprayed Grass, (332)Green Pumpkin Candy, (542)Green Pumpkin. Color: Natural. Type: Grubs. - $4.49