Zoom 6 Super Salty Lizard - Black/Blue - $3.19

The all-around classic size and shape of this lizard creates more commotion for hungry bass to hone in on. Per 9. Size: 6. Colors: (003)Black, (008)Red Shad, (011)Watermelon, (022)Pumpkin, (032)Gourd Green, (062)Black Red Glitter, (063)Pumpkin/Firetail, (078)Pumpkin/Chartreuse, (120)Watermelon Candy, (131)Chartreuse Pumpkin, (159)Blue Flash, (181)Watermelon Seed, (202)Junebug, (205)Black/Blue Tail, (221)Cotton Candy/Chartreuse Tail, (257)Bullfrog, (283)Watermelon Magic, (284)Green Pumpkin Magic, (303)Green Pumpkin Gold, (304)Watermelon Red Magic, (310)Smokin Purple, (317)Sprayed Grass (332)Green Pumpkin Candy Red, (542)Green Pumpkin, (760)Junebug Chartreuse, (933)Watermelon Chartreuse. Color: Black/Blue. Type: Lizards. - $3.19