ZOIC Ether Premium Short - Men's - $108.95

It isn't easy to create one of the all-time-greats in any field. It's even tougher to create an absolute masterpiece. Zoic transformed the Ether Short, its best-seller and an all-time-great, into a true masterpiece with the simple addition of a durable water-resistant coating that makes the Ether dry faster, ride lighter, and feel better against your skin. This water-resistant coating never gives moisture a chance to soak into the Ether's fabric, so it evaporates more quickly to keep you drier and more comfortable. Of course, you won't be thinking about this while you ride, but you'd definitely notice if you were all wet.The most important feature of the Ether Premium is its chamois liner. The chamois, called the ZO-Tech, is ZOIC's highest-quality, multi-level, stretch chamois. It's even made with recycled polyester so it gives a little back. The chamois cushions impacts and reduces vibrations in the saddle. While you may not even really feel these vibrations, your muscles do, and all that shock and vibration causes fatigue. The liner is also fully removable. You can wear the short with the liner, then ditch the liner when you just need a casual pair of shorts. You can even wear the liner with other shorts to transform them from casual shorts to riding shorts. The Ether's list of features doesn't end with its removable chamois liner, though. The whole body of the Ether is made with a stretch material that won't bind or limit your range of motion, and ZOIC taped the seams to create a smooth surface that won't rub you wrong or cause chafing. The fabric also pulls moisture away from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable. A Fusion Gusset inseam further increases the short's range of motion and eliminates seat hang-ups. Integrated Air Flow vents below the waistband in the back and down the legs promote airflow so you can stay cool on hot days of riding. - $108.95