ZOIC Collins Plaid Women's Jersey - $69.95

The ZOIC Collins Plaid Women's Jersey takes all of the functionality that you need in a riding jersey, and packages it as a top that you'll be happy to wear off of the bike as well. The breathable materials and subtle venting will keep you comfortable while you're cruising, and with a versatile styling, you'll be equally at home in the dirt, on the pavement, or just stopping off for coffee. ZOIC built the Collins Plaid jersey out of a blend of nylon and polyester, which was chosen for its moisture wicking properties. By wicking, we mean that this fabric will transport your sweat from your skin to the surface of the fabric, where it's able to take advantage of the extra surface area. As a result, evaporation is accelerated, keeping you dry after hard efforts in the saddle. And keeping with the theme of comfort, ZOIC also incorporated mesh panels at the shoulders in order to boost the core-cooling airflow. A contoured cut keeps the Collins jersey moving with you as you maneuver your bike. And for the closure, ZOIC included snap buttons, which are also tasked with keeping the chest pockets closed. To keep your ride essentials at hand, ZOIC included a zippered pocket above the rear hem, which includes an opening for headphones. So, you're able to take your tunes with you whenever you go for a spin. The ZOIC Collins Plaid Women's Jersey is available in five sizes from X-Small to X-Large and in the colors Wisp and Spice. - $69.95