ZOIC Beta Jersey - $59.95

Zoic has steadily been making a name for itself by building stylish clothing, and the Beta Jersey is a fine example of those efforts. Admittedly, the Beta doesn't look like most riding jerseys, but you still get wicking fabrics, and three zippered pockets to keep your ride essentials at hand. So, the Beta jersey hides its ride worthiness under casual styling, meaning that you now have an alternative to your Lycra team-replica kit. Zoic built the Beta jersey out of a polyester blend, which was employed for its heightened wicking ability. Basically, polyester fabrics are very effective at transporting sweat from the skin to the surface of the fabric. From there, moisture is able to evaporate much faster than it would on your skin. And, not only is the Beta jersey's fabric efficient at managing moisture, but it's also highly permeable. So, you get a consistent air flow through the jersey that keeps your temperature well-regulated. The Beta jersey is built around a relaxed cut, which hangs loosely off of the body for a complete freedom of movement. Additionally, its elbow-length sleeves provide a bit more coverage than a typical short sleeve jersey. A 10-inch locking zipper allows you to dump excess heat in a hurry, and that zipper has also been treated with a silicone coating. In turn, this coating makes the zipper easy to grip with gloved hands. And since securely housing your ride essentials is of the utmost importance, Zoic included three zippered pockets at the back, hip, and sleeve. The Zoic Beta Jersey is available in five sizes from Small to XX-Large and in the colors Black, Blue, Castle, and Nova. - $59.95