Zipp Vukashift - $180.00

The Zipp VukaShift takes the chicane shape of the VukaExtension and attaches the shifter directly onto the aero extension. The results are additional weight savings and a more comfortable reach to the shifters while in your aero position.Integrating the shifters directly into the ends of the extension bars effectively saves upwards of 80 grams for the pair by eliminating the extra components that normally comprise the expander plugs that insert into the tips of the extensions. This also moves the shift levers 30mm closer to your hands. The benefit is that you can shift without ever having to get out of your aerodynamic position. It's also a plus if you're a particularly tall rider racing UCI-sanctioned events; the measurement from saddle to shifter extension will be significantly less, and if you're right on the edge of compliance, it may make a difference. Your comfort and control will be helped by the fact that the Zipp VukaShift uses the chicane shape that's designed to be extremely aero while also giving you a comfortable enough arm and hand position so that your power-output will never be compromised.Of course the cutting of the bar is a big part of getting the fit right. Zipp is very specific when giving the instructions on how to cut it safely. They've taken the precaution of marking the underside of the bars in full and half centimeter increments. The extensions must have at least 3cm of extension inserted into the Vuka body to avoid damaging them. Too little insertion makes for too much stress, and that could lead to problems. You'll find that this translates into requiring at least six marks being inserted into the Vuka body.Once you know what length you want the bars to be, you can start cutting them to your desired extension. - $180.00