Zipp Speed Weaponry Vuka Extensions - $130.00

Aero bars have come a long way since Greg Lemond most famously used them to win his second Tour de France in 1989. Though early incarnations of various aero bars were sometimes crude, Zipp have made aerodynamics through comfort their holy grail. The Zipp VukaExtensions are an integral part of the Zipp aero bar system which is intended to give you the perfect balance between comfort, control, and efficient aerodynamics. The comfort comes with the three shape options Zipp offers as well as the wide range of length possibilities the extensions can accommodate. The Straight shape gives you the best low-down take-no-prisoners aerodynamic position. However, it might not be the most comfortable option for some, especially if the majority of your time trialing revolves around the sort of long distances youll face in triathlon events. For such cases, Zipp designed two alternative ...three shapes to allow a perfect balance of comfort, control, and aero efficiency... shapes. The Chicane is ideal for those mid-range distances youll find in half-triathlons or smaller regional stage races. Then there is the Ski Tip shape which is really intended to give you the sort of long haul comfort youll need if you have aspirations to ride the sorts of distances that will tune you up for the Race Across America, for instance.All Vuka extensions fit both the VukaAero and the VukaClip. At full length they measure 335mm and can be shortened by upwards of 100mm. That means that they can accommodate any bike configuration including ITU-legal racing requirements. They have been designed so that internal cable routing will be possible to increase the aerodynamic benefits while keeping the bars comfortable and cool-looking.Of course the cutting of the bar is a big part of getting the fit right. Zipp is very specific when giving the instructions on how to cut the bar while keeping it safe. - $130.00