Zipp Speed Weaponry Tangente Platinum Pro Brake Pad - $40.00

Carbon wheels are aero, stiff, and featherweight, but if they chatter like hungry pigeons when you try to slow down, that's going to diminish your riding experience. The Zipp Tangente Platinum Pro Brake Pads transmit smooth, reliable stopping power to carbon braking surfaces through all weather conditions. They've been put to the test in the Tour de France; we've ridden them, too, and can attest to their performance.Nearly any brake pad can bring you to a complete halt, but it's the lighter touches required in the peloton and through S-turns that separate the best pads from the pack. Zipp worked with SwissStop to develop the Platinum Pro pads, with the goal of blending smoothness, long wear life, and wet-weather performance. When set up correctly, these pads won't grab, they won't damage or discolor your expensive carbon rims, and they'll help you scrub speed safely, even in a downpour. Some important things to point out: The Zipp Tangente Platinum Pro Brake Pads are designed to provide superior braking performance for carbon rims, so they're not approved for use on aluminum braking surfaces. Zipp also describes them as being roughly 1.2 mm wider, relative to the brake caliper, than Zipp's High Performance Cork Pads. Some additional adjustment of the brake caliper may be necessary, especially when riding the latest wide rims. The Platinum Pro Brake Pads ship two to a package (enough for one brake caliper), and in two versions-a Shimano/SRAM-specific style, and a Campagnolo-specific style. Please note: The Zipp Tangente Platium Pro Brake Pads are compatible with Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo 2011 brake pad holders - $40.00