Zipp Speed Weaponry Service Course Seatpost - $78.40

Service Course: For Zipp, this is code to signify aluminum. While it might be a surprise that Zipp has its eye here on a material other than carbon, many of us prefer the brainless care and feeding of aluminum when it comes to our bars and stem. Zipp knows people like us exist, and with their Service Course series of components, they prove that they're listening. Zipp uses a one-piece, 3D forged design to make the Service Course Alloy Seatpost stiff and strong enough to handle all the abuse you can possibly dish out. But it's not all brute, the Service Course post also has a two-bolt clamp assembly that allows a wide range of angle adjustment to a fine degree so that you can perfect your saddle tilt. Once adjusted, the two-bolt assembly simply will not slip out of adjustment.Zipp engineers paid special attention to the length of the clamp assembly. On the lower portion, they designed to be a bit longer than what you might see on other seatposts. This is to support the saddle rails if you ride with it in a rearward position. And in this day of superlight titanium and carbon rails, the extra support and insurance against saddle damage is a very good thing.The Zipp Service Course Alloy Seatpost is 350mm long and is available in 27.2 and 31.6mm diameters. The clamp setback is 20mm. - $78.40