Zipp Speed Weaponry Contour SL Carbon Handlebar - $177.00

The Zipp Contour SL Carbon Handlebar offers a traditional bend -- akin to the round, deep shape so ubiquitous in the marketplace prior to the widespread proliferation of so-called 'ergo' bars. Zipp was smart about their development of the Contour SL, though, by designing it with a more modest drop -- 130mm to be exact. Shallower handlebars allow an easier reach to the drops and more comfort and control when you stretch out into an aero position to chase down a breakaway or to battle solo into the wind. The round drop of the Contour SL Handlebar has no dual radius, no inverted anatomic forms, nothing weird -- just a constant radius from the top of the hook to the flat bottom of the drop. This constant radius is what lets you move your hands around a bit to find the most comfortable position for the moment. And as different aspects of the road race require different positions, along with your failing back and legs, you'll exercise a constant search for comfort and residual power. Having multiple hand positions is what it's all about.The Contour SL is also different from Zipp's other handlebars due to the wing shaped tops. If you prefer a flatter surface for your palms, then this is your bar. It looks sleek as well, and the cables route discreetly in grooves along the front and back of the bar to complement the shaping molded into the carbon fiber. But shape is not everything, so the Contour SL is at the helm of lightness. And you can trust that it's still stiff enough for sprinting and strong enough to last for seasons. It passed the most stringent tests out there, including the DIN+ standard at the EFBe labs in Germany. With Zipp handlebars, lightness doesn't come at the expense of strength. The Zipp Contour SL Handlebar has a 31.8mm clamp diameter and is available in four widths -- 40cm, 42cm, 44cm, and 46cm (outside-to-outside). Another aspect of Zipp's shaping that we like is that the bottom of the drops cant outward at 2 to alleviate wrist strain. - $177.00