Zipp Speed Weaponry 404 Carbon Rear Wheel - Clincher - $594.00

Zipp's catalog of wheels covers a broad spectrum, but none of them embody the ride-anywhere, race-ready mentality of the 404 Carbon Clincher Rear Wheel. The aerodynamic advantages of the 404 clincher are no different from that of the 404 tubular. You get the same rim depth, 58mm, and like the tubular, the clincher rim has a gentle convex wall curvature that allows for a regenerative airflow with an optimized trailing edge. Air whips over the rim with minimal turbulence. No other wheel rips through the wind with less resistance. You get the same golf ball-like dimples to eliminate the low-pressure wake on the rim, thereby substantially reducing wheel drag. And you get the same bladed Sapim CX-Ray spokes. When sustainable high-end speed is your primary concern, the 404 is the world's finest wheelset.Most carbon fiber rim manufacturers produce their clincher rims the same way -- they bond a non-structural carbon fairing to an aluminum rim. The Zipp 404 Deep-V clincher is completely different. All Zipp carbon fiber clincher rims employ m2cm technology -- the carbon rim is hand built and molded inside a precision alloy extrusion (the rim itself) in a single seamless procedure. The resulting co-molded rim has unparalleled stiffness and durability. The precision machined, perfectly parallel braking surface is as true and as receptive the braking power as a Mavic Open Pro rim. The 404's are lightweight by clincher standards, but the only penalty you pay for the convenience of clinchers is the slight extra weight of the alloy braking surface. At 1712g, you're in the same ballpark as Mavic Ksyriums and Campy Eurus wheels, but the aerodynamic advantage of the 404 is enormous. Who needs a 404 clincher the most' Time trialists and breakaway-style riders who want the aerodynamic edge, but who want the easy maintainability of clinchers. The wheel has 20 spokes on Zipp's 188 rear hub. The rim attaches to the hub via Sapim CX Ray spokes with Sapim aluminum nipples. - $594.00