Zipp SL Speed Seatpost - $294.95

If there's one thing that Zipp Speed Weaponry excels at, it's taking a good idea and rolling with it. Take Firecrest for example. In a matter of a few years, it's extended itself to every iteration of Zipp carbon wheels -- and for good reason, too. The same principle applies, here, with the SL Speed Seatpost. With an overall weight that's 35 grams lighter than the Service Course Seatpost, the top-of-the-line SL Speed shares the same highly-adjustable and low-profile clamp system as the Service Course, only opting for a carbon fiber construction instead of aluminum. This means that the Speed SL's not only lighter, but it'll also provide enhanced ride characteristics. Zipp's carbon mastery allowed it to chisel the Speed SL's weight securely under 190g. Impressively, though, this reduction was also coupled with an enhancement to strength, resulting in a post durable enough for use in races, like Roubaix, that explore component limits. In fact, the Speed SL's strength warrants a 300lb rider weight limit -- the same as Zipp's alloy posts. Also shared with those posts, as mentioned above, is the clamping system. Zipp's theory on saddle position is to provide as much adjustment as possible. And by paying close attention to the clamp assembly, Zipp's engineers have designed a two-bolt system with both extended range and angle adjustment. This allows you to find a position that permits the most power and comfort, and once adjusted, the titanium, two-bolt assembly is ensured to not slip out of place. The lower portion of the clamp is designed to be a bit longer than what you see on other seatposts. Essentially, this is to support the saddle rails for those of you who prefer a rearward position. And in this day of ultralight titanium and carbon rails, the extra support and insurance against rail damage is a definite improvement. The Zipp Speed Weaponry SL Speed Seatpost is available in a 330 length and in both 27.2 and 31.6mm diameters. - $294.95