Zipp Service Course Handlebar - 2012 - $67.95

Zipp handlebars have subtle shaping that separates them from the pack and makes them comfortable, light, and strong. Like its carbon fiber counterparts, the Zipp Service Course Alloy Handlebar has a constant taper from the 31.8mm clamp area in the center of the bar to the 24.2mm diameter at the top bend. We've long been fans of this shaping. Zipp indulges our sensibility for toughness and value by giving us access to such comfortable ergonomics in an aluminum bar. The Service Course Alloy Handlebar is just a few grams heavier than the Service Course SL version. The bonus is that you get the same two shape options at a lower cost. The Short and Shallow version has a drop angle of only 20 degrees. What's the net effect' You can position your shift/brake levers in the high-and-Belgian style we prefer, and you'll get a smooth transition from the bar onto the drops. In addition, the Short and Shallow bar has a dual radius curve in the drops. You'll benefit from the longer, flatter hand surface. We'd be tempted call it an anatomic bend, but be aware that the bend shape is, thankfully, subtle and not overly curvy like many anatomic bars of the past. The 84.5mm reach plus the short radius behind the clamp area make it easy to get the crook of your hand "locked" into position for a solid feel in the drops, with an easy reach to the brake levers. The drop is 128mm and makes the lower portion of the handlebars more accessible.Zipp also produces the Service Course Alloy Handlebar in a Traditional Bend with an 87.5mm reach and 130mm drop. If you detest anatomic bars of any sort, but are looking for a bar with a modest drop, then this is the bar for you. With a slightly steeper drop angle than the Short and Shallow version, this Traditional Bend will give you a bit more curve in the transition to the hoods.The Zipp Service Course Alloy Handlebar is available in the two bends mentioned above and comes in four widths from 40 to 46cm (measured outside-outside). - $67.95