Zipp 202 Tubular - $1,084.95

Climbing. A race can't be won without it. And when your turn comes to break off the front on a nine-percent grade, we hope that your wheels are cut out it for it. By this, we mean that your 60mm dish race wheels aren't particularly well suited for the endeavor at hand. Instead, you need a low-weight, all-encompassing rigidity, and responsiveness. Basically, you need the Zipp 202 Tubular. For years, the 202 Tubular has been the wheel of choice on nearly every crucial Grand Tour climbing stage. From Huez, and even to Roubaix, the 202 has delivered podium results for those with true grit and determination. To make the 202 the most decorated climbing wheel in the world, Zipp gave it one of the most efficient strength-to-weight ratios on the planet. With an intelligent unidirectional, carbon fiber layup, the 202 is rigid enough to respond directly to power. But, at a svelte 1115g weight, it's light enough to translate that power to pure climbing prowess. Overall, the design provides responsiveness and stiffness rarely accredited to a 32mm deep wheelset. However, this isn't solely attributable to carbon fiber alone. It all comes down to the 202's toroidal rim shape. Don't worry if you don't know what a 'toroidal rim shape' is -- it's been a while since our last geometry class, too. Here's an easy explanation. Whereas a traditional aluminum rim follows a 'V' shape from the spokes to the rim bed, a toroidal shape follows more of a 'U' shape. It sounds elementary, and perhaps a bit fussy, but the benefits are staggering. With the 202's design, Zipp is able to tune the brake track width independently of the rim's maximum width -- that's why the 101 is touch narrower at the rim (22.56 to 22.61mm). Having the freedom to choose where the widest point on the rim needs to reside on the section allows the modifications necessary for Zipp to increase braking power, improve aerodynamics, and decrease crosswind sensitivity. - $1,084.95