Zinkcalls Dvd Combo 2010 - $36.53

Get the combo and save! The Zink team knows how to lay the smack on ducks and geese these DVDs showcase awesome calling, great decoy setups and deadly shooting.Includes:Band Hunters II Get ready, the Z-Unit and company are back for round two! From early-season action in Ontario to the cold, muddy fields of Kansas, watch the Zink crew put a big hurt on honkers, greenheads, specks and lessers across North America. 105 minutes. DVD.Destination X, Volume 5 It's not your average hunting video. Watch rarely seen big-water hunts in Michigan, Ontario and Quebec. It includes a genuine sink-boat hunt for goldeneyes, a traditional layout-boat hunt for bluebills and an ice-breaking adventure for long-tailed ducks. 120 minutes. DVD.Takin' It To The Limit Join Zink pro staff and professional hunters from around the country as they chase waterfowl and turkeys across North America. Feature hunts included an early-season cackler hunt, prime-time gobbler hunts in the east and west, and big-water duck action. 90 minutes. DVD. - $36.53