Zink Calls Nothing But Green Single-Reed Duck Call - $139.99

The incredible versatility of the Nothing But Green Single-Reed Duck Call allows the experienced greenhead hunter to sound like multiple hen mallards, tempting even the most call-shy drakes in for a closer look. Revolutionary Z-Cut tone channel allows for a wider range of pitches, while virtually eliminating the reed-lock problem that plagues other calls. This call can do anything from soft feed chuckles to ear-splitting highballs. Years of field-testing and development went into making this call the only one youll need on your lanyard. Acrylic call comes with extra reeds, instructional DVD, hard case and Zink leg band. Made in USA. Colors: Interference Green, Birds-Eye Maple, Black Stealth, Blueberry Swirl. Color: Green. Type: Single Reed. - $139.99