Zink Calls Dvd Series 2009 - $14.99

Each of these DVD's features nearly two hours of waterfowling fun, nonstop action and tips you can use in the field. Available:The Band Hunters 24-7 Fred Zink and his Z-Unit show us waterfowling at its finest in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Colorado, Nebraska, Ohio and the mighty Missouri River. 120 minutes. DVD.Theater of Addiction: Destination X Loaded with the in-your-face waterfowling the Zink crew is famous for. Features a punishing late-season Canada hunt and a unique sink-box hunt for greater snow geese. 120 minutes. DVD.Rest When You're Dead: Four the Hard Way - Zink Calls and Avery Pro-Staffers Alex Langbell and Craig Riche take you on hunts from eastern Washington to Maryland's Eastern Shore. 120 minutes. DVD. - $14.99