Zerogoo Fuel Injector - $14.83

The Zerogoo Fuel Injector lets you easily incorporate energy gel or powdered drink mix into your on-demand hydration, offering quick, clean access to energy via a drinking tube. Fuel Injector enables user to rid themselves of the hassle of opening, using and dispensing of energy gel packets during activity. This is achieved by routing water flow through the Injector, which has a separate reservoir for your energy product and an adjustment valve that controls the amount flowing. Valve lever enables finite control of how much energy product enters the water stream, from none to nearly full-bore for customized, on-the-go energy and hydration. Included refillable reservoir holds up to 4 energy gel packets with none of the mess or packaging; powdered drink mix can be added to the reservoir as well, increasing options. Please note: alteration of hydration pack drinking tube is necessary to install the Zerogoo Fuel Injector; energy gel and powdered drink mix sold separately. Avoid using protein based supplements as they can clog the Injector. - $14.83