Zero RH + Stripe Women's Sleeveless Jersey - $83.81

Come summertime, we fully support staying as cool as possible on your rides. And when it comes to jerseys, nothing keeps you cooler than a sleeveless option. So, with this in mind, the Italian Zero RH + created its new Stripe Women's Jersey in both a sleeved and Sleeveless version. Now, you're able to take advantage of Zero RH +'s Italian precision and fit, regardless of how hot the weather is. The body panels of the Stripe jersey were constructed with the Firedry Gold 100 fabric. Zero RH +'s Firedry is a system of materials made into four versions that are distinguished by different weights and stretch characteristics. As with all of the Firedry fabrics, the Gold is lightweight and breathes exceptionally well. It also incorporates highly-elastic fibers that support the body's muscle through a full range of motion. However, what sets the Gold 100 iteration apart from the other variants is its super-soft feel against the skin and added stretch. The front and rear torso panels were constructed with this fabric due to its ability to firmly hold your core muscles in place while riding. Additionally, the material manages moisture quite well, while also maintaining a high-level of breathability. As for the fit of the Stripe, the jersey's panels were joined together using a technique known as 'preformed anatomic construction.' This method of cutting the individual panels on a curve provides a comfortable, natural fit, especially in the crouched riding position. Zero RH + knows that this tucked-in fit requires special attention to areas prone to fabric bunching and pulling, which is why it notched a 'V' shape in the back of the neck for a free range of head motion. It also rounded out the bottom hem and treated it with a generous, elastic/microfiber gripper in order to keep the jersey's lower half secure. Finishing details on the Stripe jersey include three rear pockets and reflective elements. - $83.81